Neighborly Chat 006: Dean Krosecz

Dean’s book is available through the link above or at Sunrise Cafe 

On this episode of Neighborly Chat, Josh welcomes our neighbor Dean Krosecz into the Stew-dio. Dean is an author, musician, counselor and all around good guy. His book “Single Parent Sanity” is our main topic of conversation but not the only thing we cover by a long shot. Dean talks about his roots in Pennsylvania, his time in the military as a Russian language specialist, his love for music that includes his original songs he wrote and recorded and his author recommended must reads of classic literature.



Neighborly Chat 005: Kennis Russell of Christ Family Church

Josh & Kennis pause for a photo during a post podcast jam session

Josh & Kennis pause for a photo during a post podcast jam session

Episode 5 of Neighborly Chat helps us to get to know our neighbor Kennis Russell. Kennis is worship leader and associate pastor at Christ Family Church. Hear his story and how CFC is serving Fairfield on this episode of the podcast. Check out one of Kennis’s guitar review videos below and subscribe to his YouTube Channel as well.

Neighborly Chat 004: Chad Pilbeam

Get your thinking muscle warmed up, Chad's about to make you think

Get your thinking muscle warmed up, Chad’s about to make you think

Episode 4 of Neighborly Chat has us getting to know Chad Pilbeam. Chad is an author, public speaker and craft beer enthusiast. Chad’s book Most of Us Are Pretty Dim Bulbs: A Guide to Corporate Nonsense
is a challenge to corporate nonsense and a bit of bad job therapy. It is available at Sunrise Cafe and on Amazon. On this episode Josh & Chad get into beer talk, pursuing one’s passion, financial peace, soccer, motorized coolers, and more. Follow the links bellow to get more detailed information on the subjects discussed. Thanks for listening and enjoying Neighborly Chat.

Neighborly Chat 003: Brian Roberts HOA Meeting Preshow Q & A

Episode 003 of Neighborly Chat is a warm up for May 22, 2014’s HOA meeting. President Brian Roberts is in studio answering questions submitted by your neighbors here in Fairfield. Everything from neighborhood watch to fishing is covered. And there is a surprise appearance by Chad Pilbeam at the end. I hope you learn from this show as much as I did. And if your question didn’t get answered or if this episode made you think of a new question ask it at the meeting. Brian and the gang hope to see you there.

First Residential – 713-332-4763

Neighborly Chat 002: Melody Fanous @ Sunrise Cafe

Nitty & Melody Fanous invite you Sunrise Cafe

Nitty & Melody Fanous invite you to Sunrise Cafe

Why aren't you here right now? No really, get going.

Why aren’t you here right now? No really, get going.

Episode 002 of Neighborly Chat takes place on location at Sunrise Cafe. Host Josh Stewart sat down with owner & cook dujour Melody Fanous. This hub of Fairfield social and caffeine driven interaction is just a great place to meet, dine and fellowship. Enjoy the delicious food and have Nitty tell you about your drink, it makes it taste even better after he describes it. Open for breakfast and lunch, Sunrise Cafe will start your day with a smile. Thanks for listening to the podcast and please enjoy this episode of Neighborly Chat.

Neighborly Chat 001: H.O.A. President Brian Roberts


Hi-De-Ho Neighbors! On this first episode of Neighborly Chat your neighbor & host Josh Stewart get to know Home Owners Association President Brian Roberts. Brian and Josh discuss Brian’s role with the H.O.A. and the Fairfield Athletic Association and more. Be sure to mark your calendar for the big meeting on May 22 at Good Shephard United Methodist Church. Enjoy the podcast and let us know what you think. Thanks for the chat.

Howdy Neighbor

The podcast about the place we call home

The podcast about the place we call home

Hello neighbors! Coming soon is a podcast all about the community you and I live in. Neighborly Chat will be about all the people who live in the best community in the world, ours. As Fairfieldiens (is that what you call us?) we all live and play in Fairfield and want to see our community be as successful as possible. On this show you can expect to hear interviews with your neighbors who own businesses, have compelling stories and unique interests that make Fairfield so great.



 If you are a business owner who lives in Fairfield or own a business in Fairfield here is your opportunity to talk directly to the best customers and clients you could hope for. Do you have an event or group to promote? Come chat it up. Do you have a compelling story that your neighbors would love to hear? Let us know. Do you have questions about things in and around the community? We do too. Let’s get them answered together. This podcast is yours Fairfield. It’s about the things that are important to you.

Leave us an email at or leave us a voicemail by calling 832-422-6073 or right through the website by clicking the “send voicemail” link to the right.