Howdy Neighbor

The podcast about the place we call home

The podcast about the place we call home

Hello neighbors! Coming soon is a podcast all about the community you and I live in. Neighborly Chat will be about all the people who live in the best community in the world, ours. As Fairfieldiens (is that what you call us?) we all live and play in Fairfield and want to see our community be as successful as possible. On this show you can expect to hear interviews with your neighbors who own businesses, have compelling stories and unique interests that make Fairfield so great.



┬áIf you are a business owner who lives in Fairfield or own a business in Fairfield here is your opportunity to talk directly to the best customers and clients you could hope for. Do you have an event or group to promote? Come chat it up. Do you have a compelling story that your neighbors would love to hear? Let us know. Do you have questions about things in and around the community? We do too. Let’s get them answered together. This podcast is yours Fairfield. It’s about the things that are important to you.

Leave us an email at or leave us a voicemail by calling 832-422-6073 or right through the website by clicking the “send voicemail” link to the right.